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Why we established an anti-drug abuse coalition in Citrus County.

The Florida Legislature's 1999 Drug Control Summit recommended the establishment of an annual, statewide school-based youth survey. The survey results have demonstrated the seriousness of drug abuse among teens. From that effort, an initiative to create anti-drug abuse coalitions throughout Florida was developed.

The development of these coalitions is a national movement towards community-based, coordinated and integrated planning and problem solving.

Established in April 2003 as a joint effort by the Shared Services Alliance, The Centers and the local School District, the Drug Coalition of Citrus County was born as a partnership committed to reducing the rates of substance abuse in our community.

Yes, our ultimate vision is for our aggressive efforts to create a county that is completely free of substance abuse. Is that possible? We don't know. Are we willing to give it 110% to try to meet this goal? Absolutely!

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