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Programs in Citrus County 

Citrus County Teen Court program targets youth misdemeanor offenders with no prior court record, who admit guilt and voluntarily participate in the process.
The principal goal of a teen court is to hold young offenders accountable for their behavior by imposing sanctions that will repair some of the harm imposed on the victim and community.
Teens, who volunteer their time, serve as jurors, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, bailiff, clerk and other officers of the court. The Judge is the only adult with an active role; usually the adult is a local attorney who also volunteers their time. Volunteer trainings take place throughout the year to learn courtroom etiquette and proper court procedures.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please phone our office. Teen Court is avenues for youths to become members of the community. Adult volunteers are always welcome to mentor and guide in the courtroom experience and with fund raising activities. Teen Court is held on each Tuesday in the Citrus County Courthouse, in Courtroom "A" from 5:00pm to 7:30pm.

Citizens throughout our region struggle with problems unnoticed by the average neighbor, relative, and friend – such as abuse, depression, and emotional instabilities. Realizing no boundaries of race, creed, status or age, these problems have serious effects on the health of our entire community. The Centers' staff strives to help these citizens cope with their problems and rebuild their lives. Embedding itself within the community, the Centers partners with schools, law enforcement, and children’s services throughout the area to combat issues of social, emotional, and mental illness.

Devereux changes lives and nurtures human potential. We inspire hope, ensure well-being and promote meaningful life choices. Our mission is achieved through a wide range of services and supports for individuals and their families. Purpose.  For almost 100 years, Devereux has helped persons with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disabilities transition from troubled lives to lives filled with personal accomplishment and hope. At Devereux we dream often of new tomorrows and realities for the persons we serve. We know that every person, regardless of disability, has the potential and the right to lead a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.


Citrus County’s Early Intervention and Prevention Services
HI-FIVE PROGRAM utilizes the Too Good for Drugs curriculum targeting sixth grade students. The “Too Good for Drugs” program is a school based prevention program that builds on students’ resiliency by teaching them how to be socially competent and autonomous problem solvers.  This program focuses on developing personal and interpersonal skills to resist peer pressures, goal setting, decision making, bonding with others, having respect for self and others, managing emotions, effective communication, and social interactions. The “Small Group Interventions” targets youth at higher risk for school failure, juvenile delinquency, substance use and abuse using the Too Good for Drugs & Violence program.  Activities are designed to augment school-based prevention programs with fun and engaging opportunities to learn and practice prevention skills.  Parents are also invited to participate through the use of Home Workouts. Teacher Training and Family Outreach is offered to program schools and program families.


24 Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a safe and happy holiday! 
8 Anti-Drug Coalition Membership Meeting 9:00am Networking, 9:15 Meeting Start Time--School Board Office-Inverness
9 Friday Night Done Right's "TACKY CHRISTMAS" Teen Holiday Party @ Citrus Memorial Health Foundation YMCA 7-10pm