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Maximum Impact Clubs

In order to effectively see change across Citrus County concerning the important issues facing our youth, it starts with a place where teens are able to connect and discuss.  Through the Citrus County Schools, we are able to host School Clubs on campus where students can participate in Maximum Impact.

Reformatted for the 2016-17 School Year, Maximum Impact Clubs will help empower students to be actively involved in positive behaviors.  Through club meetings and other activities, teens will have the opportunity to discuss ways to help themselves and their peers from engaging in underage drinking and drug use. 

In order for clubs to live up to their name and make a maximum impact in Citrus County, the Club Advisor and students will complete initiatives throughout the year to impact themselves and their peers, therefore impacting the school and the community.  This means too, that while the clubs are centered around substance abuse, they are also focused in other areas that are contributing factors. 

The Target Areas that Maximum Impact Clubs will focus on and engage other students, and the community in, are:

  • Bullying Prevention – Students will seek ways to make a difference with positive messages at their school and the community by participating in and/or creating awareness campaigns that will promote respect, unity, and acceptance among the student body.
  • Healthy Decision Making – Students will be challenged to learn how to make better decisions about avoiding environments where there is risk involved.  By asking themselves important questions, seeking out advice from a parent, teacher, or appropriate adult mentor, they can possibly avoid making a poor decision that could ultimately affect their future.
  • Mental Health – Students will have the opportunity to learn more about mental health and how it affects them and their peers when it comes to stress, depression, anger/violence, and crisis.  Maximum Impact will encourage students to talk about their feelings, and share with others, but seek professional help from trained individuals for crisis. This can be an important tool for students to recognize and help other students to receive guidance and counseling.
  • Substance Abuse – Students will be leaders in their school against substance abuse including Underage Drinking, Prescription Drugs, Smoking Marijuana, Tobacco, Vaping, and any other illegal form.  Students who are struggling with these issues may attend Maximum Impact meetings, however all students must sign a pledge to be Substance Free in order to become a Member, and/or hold an officer’s position.  
24 Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a safe and happy holiday! 
8 Anti-Drug Coalition Membership Meeting 9:00am Networking, 9:15 Meeting Start Time--School Board Office-Inverness
9 Friday Night Done Right's "TACKY CHRISTMAS" Teen Holiday Party @ Citrus Memorial Health Foundation YMCA 7-10pm